Yesterday I really felt that if I didn’t get a fortune out of a
fortune cookie during my lunch hour, I would have a nervous breakdown.
So off I went at 1:00 in search of Chinese food. Now, I realize that
writing fortunes all day could potentially burn a person out but
seriously, whoever is writing the fortunes for Manchu Wok’s cookie
supplier needs either a vacation or some help. "You are a bundle of
energy, always on the go" is not a fortune! At best, that is a
semi-accurate description of my personality, but not a fortune!
Honestly Manchu Wok, do you think I’m eating at your establishment
because the food tastes good? No man, I just need a fricken fortune

What does such extreme disillusionment over a fortune
cookie say about my mental state? I don’t know, but you can guess what
kind of food I’m having for lunch today.

What do you think?

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