You’re Either On the Bus …

Or you’re off the bus and this weekend I was
definitely off the bus. I was supposed to take a trip to Niagara Falls
with some girlfriends to celebrate the 30th birthday of L.
Unfortunately, I ran into technical difficulties as we were unable to
locate anyone who wanted to shove antibiotics down my dog’s throat and
apply topical cream to her ear for the weekend. Kevin also had a trip
planned, and he had planned his before I had planned mine so therefore
his trip, rightfully, took precedence. I was pretty bitter and sad
about the whole thing. I guess that’s life when you’re a parent, even
if your child is a mongrel. I remember my Uncle Ralph telling me long
before we got the dog, that "you can pawn a child off on anybody but
good luck getting someone to take your dog." And he was right.

I started off the weekend with a good old-fashioned sulk, Leslie-style.
Sulking, however, eventually lost its appeal. Sulking is just not as
effective when there’s nobody around to witness it. My garden
desperately needed attention so I cleaned that up. I didn’t get to the
planting because it rained for most of the day today. That’s fine
though – gardening seems to be something I need to pace myself at. I
watched "The Notebook" and "Finding Neverland", two girly movies that I
knew Kevin would never watch with me and bawled my face off (more
evidence that I’m getting much too soft). I cleaned the kitchen which
was in a disgraceful condition because we’ve barely been home this
month. I went for long walks with the dog. And the highlight of the
weekend, I finally finished the collage that I started a month and a
half ago. Time to start a new one!

It was a quite "me" weekend. A good weekend despite initial disappointments and hopefully, there will be other trips to Niagara.

What do you think?

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