I Don’t Care What You Say, I *did* See That Sasquatch

Bison, Not Bigfoot Stomped Through Canada

David Coltman opinied, "If the Sasquatch is indeed a primate, then we
would expect the [DNA] sample to be closer to humans or chimpanzees or

Unfortunately, nobody knows what a Sasquatch really
is David. In case you forgot, the only evidence we have is that shaky
home video from 30 years ago – how can we really expect it’s DNA to
resemble any known mammal? Next you’ll be telling me that the Loch Ness
Monster is just a figment of my imagination too.

Secondly, the hair was allegedly taken from a bush near
where the Sasquatch was sighted. Isn’t it possible that a bison had
been in the area prior to the Sasquatch sighting and had rubbed up
against the bush from whence the hair was plucked? That maybe the said
hair actually was that of a bison and not of a Sasquatch? Maybe the
hair was collected erroneously. Maybe the Sasquatch doesn’t even shed.

Coltman concluded, "It’s sort of like a wildlife CSI story."

Maybe, but isn’t there anybody left out there who wants to believe?

What do you think?

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