Friday Thoughts

This morning my boss received some materials from the American Bar
Association which is located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. It made
me think of the King of Prussia Mall and that made me happy. Then I remembered how poor I am and I felt sorry for myself. No really –  I’m that shallow.

noticed there is quite the difference between my reflection in the
full-length mirror in my bedroom and the mirror in the ladies washroom
around the corner from my office. I think the latter mirror is more
accurate, as it revealed that I don’t look quite as hot in the denim
skirt I wore today as I thought I did. It was quite shocking, because I
feel pretty hot in this skirt. Hmm. Just a little note to my ass: The
reason I’ve been spending so much time at the gym on the stationary
bike is so that you’ll shrink. So any time you’d like to start doing
that, that would be great. Really. Thanks.

It’s amazing but somehow we have managed to get all the food and most of the rest of our stuff packed for Awenda already.  We may actually get out of town without running around like maniacs in the morning!

What do you think?

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