Okay Computer

Here is a little known fact about me: I frequently make fun of people for having poor computing habits. I take great pleasure in ridiculing people for not knowing what spyware is or how to get rid of it, becoming infected with viruses and in general not knowing what the hell they are doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert. But I get the job done.

What I’m coming to realize is, I’m an utter ass. I am certainly in no position to sit in judgement of the computer-related stupidity of others. Not once, not twice, not even three times, in the past couple of months has my poor tech husband had to take matters into his own hands. We are talking in excess of four or five times now, he’s had to rid my computer of either goddamn 180 Search Assistant or WinFixer. In case you haven’t encountered them, they SUCK. They are very difficult to remove, immobilize your computer and cause Accute Marital Strife.

Last night (although I did not admit this to Kevin) I was infected with the 180 Search Assistant from following a link to a database of lyrics. On a separate occasion I became acquainted with WinFixer in the same way, albeit by following a different link. I don’t know how I came in contact with them on the other occasions although I think it is safe to say it had something to do with being a moron.

Listen folks, I know my computer is about to commit suicide anyway. I’ve smelled it’s poor little brain frying, I’ve noticed how it can’t seem to shut itself down anymore without manual assistance and I mean really, who besides me, is still running Windows 98? Oh yes, it was definitely a hot little PC in it’s day but it’s moving rapidly toward the realm of the T-Rex. Still, if it wants to kill itself of it’s own accord that’s one thing, but there is no need to be its Dr. Kevorkian by clicking on these bloody bad links! Here is what I propose: In the same way that Outlook graciously makes sure I really want to delete my email, Google should question, "Are you absolutely sure you want to click that link?" I can’t think of any other way to stop me from being an idiot. I’ve tried to quit cold-turkey, but it seems I am addicted to being an idiot.

We just had to reinstall the operating system after I messed up my computer, again. By "we" I mean, I sat on the couch sulking and Kevin did all the work. I’ve moved twice since I got my PC, how good do you think the odds are of finding the papers that included the Windows 98 product key? I mean it was 1998! I’ll give you a little indication. I still haven’t found some of my clothing following our most recent move (October).

Tip! Yelling at one’s husband during repair of self-inflicted computer catastrophe is not an appropriate way to get more attentive service.

What do you think?

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