Purge: Part I

When we took possession of this house I was pregnant. Less than a month later, I was not. The room that was to be my baby’s nursery became the proverbial elephant in the room. We didn’t feel much like dealing with all our crap in the traditional sense (ie. unpacking it and putting it away) so we shoved it all into this room to avoid dealing with it. Something like what we were doing with our feelings about the baby.

I’ve been telling myself that I’m ready to deal with that room for months now but somehow I just never got around to it. Today I finally tried. In a couple hours I managed to empty three boxes. I am sad and also happy.

Some things I found:

  1. Photo of myself from the last time I had short hair (circa 2000). I look pretty cute and thin. Will post on fridge for inspiration to visit the gym;
  2. Special bottle of wine that one of my favourite articling students brought me back from Spain;
  3. Jar of lentils (can’t even imagine how old they are or why they followed us from the apartment in light of the fact that we don’t like lentils);
  4. A couple of neat photos that I promptly put in the frames Theresa gave at her wedding: A b&w photo I took of my grandpa that I had been looking for and a cool photo of the cake from our wedding reception (featuring a photo of us on our wedding day); and
  5. My cats. Actually, I knew they were in there but we see them so rarely since we got the dog that it’s almost like they’re lost. Part of the reason I’m purging this room is so that they don’t feel so cozy hiding in there amongst all that crap.

So long clutter, you don’t live here anymore.

What do you think?

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