Purge: Part II

It takes 25 minutes for hair dye to work which is 25 minutes that could be purposefully used to banish clutter instead of being brainwashed by HGTV. Hair dye: Step one in reclaiming former circa 2000 cuteness. (Step two: lose 5,000 pounds). Incidentally, am I the only one who remembers nostalgically circa 2000 hair dye – you know, the kind that actually radically altered the colour of your hair instead of this new dye that keeps your hair healthy and looks natural? If I wanted to have natural looking hair, I don’t think I would be consulting dye products, that’s all I’m saying.

Note: Cats seem noticeably distressed that items continue to be removed from their hovel.

Some things I got rid of:

  1. Gap "Long & Lean" jeans. Why? I am neither long nor lean.
  2. Painter-style cords. We had some good times together painter-style cords. I’ll really miss you. Thank you What Not to Wear for helping me see the error of my ways.
  3. Funky cloth bags in which people gave me wine. I had been saving these to recycle for future giving of wine. Realized, I never give wine as a gift. One of these was constructed from some sort of green fun fur. The dog seemed to think I was carrying out a cat or perhaps some other small rodent and immediately ripped it out of my hand and started killing it for me. Thanks for looking after me Chloe. You are awesome.

I kept:

  1. Bell-bottom jeans with hole in knee cleverly disguised by quirky moose patch. Screw you Clinton and Stacey! You will never take these jeans away from me!
  2. Il Bacio: This was the first gift I received for the baby. My friend Diana had a strong attachment to this picture which her father had given her when she was young. In subsequent years, their relationship deteriorated, finally reaching its current state ie. non-existant. She was unable to throw out such a sentimental piece (even though Diana can only be described as the Ultimate Purger) but also couldn’t bear to keep it and so she gave it to the baby. In this way, it would have a new life and meaning. This is one of the most touching gifts I have ever received. As I purged, I kept looking at it out of the corner of my eye. What to do? I didn’t know how I felt about transferring the picture to another future baby. It didn’t seem quite right and it reminded me of what was lost. I put it in the Goodwill pile. As we prepared to take the junk to the drop-off, Kevin asked why I was getting rid of it. We decided that in the end, it represented love, not our lost baby, and so it stays.


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