Back In the Saddle

Despite the committment I made to myself on the 30th, it took me nearly a full week to locate my membership card so that I could actually enter the gym. It had been a month since I’d been and I felt the old apprehension fluttering around in my stomach about going back. As I approached the sleek metal and glass doors what I really wanted to do was bolt. Instead, I went inside and found a treadmill.

From my vantage point I observed the gym. Certainly not a fancy gym. A very no-frills gym in fact. Just a lot of machines and a lot of women united by a common purpose. I saw many women in a similar position as me, a few dress sizes up from a healthy weight. I saw a few very overweight women who I was very proud of. I saw some underweight women. I saw only a few of the beautiful hard bodies that look as though they just walked out of a Bally’s commercial. I saw women from several different cultures and many different socio-economic circumstances. This is why I like my gym better than any of the others I’ve gone to in the past. There are real people here who are really struggling with their weight, a very diverse group of women and everyone just doing their thing. Not a hint of the cattiness that I have noticed in other large groups of women.

I decided to weigh in to see how much damage I had done during the month of August while I was using the ungodly heat as an excuse for inactivity. Surprisingly, I had managed not to gain anything back of the weight I’d lost in July. I can now simply carry on instead of having to reinvent the wheel. Perhaps by the New Year I will be a much different person.

What do you think?

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