The Thing About Fat People

I’ve been wondering what one is to do with the sort of friend who believes they’re the absolute epitome of The Supportive Friend. I have one such friend, and I truly believe she might expect to see her picture in the encyclopedia listed under "Friend, Supportive". The tiny glitch is, she isn’t. It’s tough to remove this type of person from your life, because they can’t understand that what they deem "support" is actually draining you of your will to live.

I am chubby. That’s life. I’ve always struggled with my weight, and I always will. My Supportive Friend will often say, in her helpful and supportive way, "You know what Les? Why don’t you go back to Weight Watchers? You did SO WELL when you were on Weight Watchers. You lost SO MUCH WEIGHT." Another favourite comment of mine is, "Have you been going to the gym this week? You know, you feel so much better when you do."

Yes. Thank you. You are right. You are so supportive of my current weight loss endeavour. Really, you deserve a medal for your supportiveness. Especially, because what you are actually saying to me is, "Perhaps you ARE sweating your ass off every other day at the gym, but just in case you didn’t notice, you’re still kind of fat".

Here is an interesting fact about people who are overweight. WE ALREADY KNOW. Yes, I know it’s shocking, but really, we know we’re fat. We don’t need to be reminded. We actually notice every time we look in the mirror. An even more interesting fact about fat people is that we also know how to lose weight. We have a multitude of reasons for hanging onto our fat, but I would venture to say that we chunky monkeys know more about losing weight than all the skinny people put together. Who the hell do you think is buying all those weight loss books? Surprise! It’s fat people!

These kinds of comments are not helpful to a person who is trying to lose weight, particularly if the comment is coming from someone who has no weight issues. If you would like to comment on how healthy the lunch I packed is, or say, mention that my pants don’t seem to look as much like sausage casings, that would be great. I will thank you from the bottom of my trans-fat laden heart, but please, I am begging you, check yourself before you wreck yourself! I think I speak for all the tubby girls and boys when I say, "If I need you’re help, I’ll ask for it."

What do you think?

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