You Make A Grown Man Cry

We just returned from the Rolling Stones concert and honestly, I don’t care what anyone says about how old they are, those guys still have it. I think Mick Jagger has more energy at 62 than I had at age 10. I’ll never get tired of seeing Mick shake his hips, Keith’s pirate outfits, Ron’s spiky hair and Charlie, what can I say about Charlie other than that he is the MAN. How does he make so much noise on those drums when he barely looks like he’s moving? I love you Charlie!

Beck opened, which I was really excited about and although I felt a bit sorry for him – it’s a tough job trying to impress a crowd that’s there for one reason, and to hell with anybody else – I have to say, he [radio edit] kicked ass! I’ve loved Beck since I was in high school and I think it partially has to do with the fact that he’s a huge geek. I’m telling you, we geeks have got to stick together. Unfortunately, I don’t think Beck could hear me enthusiastically clapping because I was so far away, but I am considering sending him fan mail – I was THAT proud of him. I’ve never sent fanmail before though and it seems a bit extreme so, yeah, I probably won’t. Maybe just a postcard …

Although the Stone’s did not play my favourite song, Paint it Black, all the other stuff they played was awesome, so I forgive them. They covered Ray Charles’ song Night Time is the Right Time and their backup singer, Lisa Fischer, seriously tore the place up. She is no ordinary backup singer. I hope she goes far.

What a great night.  Thanks Dad.

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