Leaving On A Jet Plane

We waited outside for the cab, Chloe, Me and Kev. The Friendly Cat was there too. Incidentally, he has a new collar and is gaining some weight and this makes me feel like things are okay with the world, at least for today. Kev will be gone until Friday, fulfilling career ambitions. It will be weird to be in this house by myself for a week.

I was starting to feel a bit sorry for myself and teary which is the last thing you need to do to someone who is leaving. When I was kid and my Dad worked in the city during the week, coming home only on the weekends, I’d always cry and carry on when he’d leave to go back – until my Mom finally shamed me into understanding I was probably hurting my Dad more than I was letting him know I loved him. So I stood there, trying not be selfish and thank God this little neighbourhood girl, Alex, came along with her Mom. To save me from myself.

To say Alex is cute is an injustice. She’s more like stars and moonbeams and pixie dust shaped into a little kid. Basically, she is frigging awesome. She showed me a bat-shaped key chain she had that lit up. I told her was really cool and was rewarded with her pretty smile that would melt the coldest heart. I noticed she had a little rock in her hand too. Of course, she made a huge fuss over Chloe like she always does, and Chloe ate it up, like she always does. It wasn’t long until the cab came along at which point Alex’s mom tried to herd along down the street so that Kev and I could say goodbye.

They had only gone a few houses down the street when Alex came running back, put the little rock on Kev’s suitcase and declared, "You can put that in your bag for your trip!"

I doubt Alex will ever know how important that gesture was on so many levels, that it was because of her that I was able to be good and smile and laugh when the cab pulled away.

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