I Don’t Often Remember My Dreams so I’ve Got to Write Them Down When I Do

Last night I dreamt that Kevin invited the cast of Rain
home after one of their shows. Apparently, I didn’t go to the
performance with him but instead went out to lunch with Debra. Shortly
after Kevin arrived home with his new friends, he decided it was
imperative that he go to the store to buy more Coke Zero. The cast of
Rain took this opportunity to relieve my wallet of the burden of
holding around my bank card and credit card (why I didn’t have my
wallet with me at my lunch date, I have no idea). The boys decided to
use my computer for some online shopping and quickly discovered that my
credit card was maxxed out. This infuriated the cast of Rain and they
then infected my computer with thousands of viruses that one of them
carried on a floppy disk in his pocket. After that they ransacked the
house, trying to find something of value to take – presumably to make
up for the fact that there was no available balance on my MasterCard. I
guess they didn’t find anything valuable, since nothing was missing,
just messed up. Kevin and I both arrived home about the same time,
coming through the front door as the cast of Rain escaped out the back
door and over the fence (note: in reality we don’t have a fence). We
weren’t that upset about the ransacking, because we found some stuff
that we had been looking for.

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