Maybe Not Before I’m 30

I asked my eye doctor if my eyes were good candidates for Lasik. My heart gave a little leap of joy when he told me they were ideal.

"How serious are you about it?" he asked.

"Very serious," I said.

He then proceeded to tell me all this really cool stuff about the new technology – how they bounce lasers into your eye at 200 different points to gauge the way it refracts back out thus creating a perfect map of your eye and how this new technology is resulting in people having better than 20/20 vision after their surgery. As if I wasn’t already sold on the procedure, he tells me that he himself has at this life transforming surgery – what better recommendation can you get than that of an optometrist who has actually had it done?

Then he laid the price on me ($5600) and left me wondering if it is possible to sell a kidney or some other non-essential organ in order to improve my vision.

What do you think?

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