Kevin’s Birthday – Another Reason to Eat Mussels

To celebrate Kevin’s birthday – albeit one day early – my parents took us to the Mandarin. As we pulled into the parking lot I thought about the last time I had been there. It was with my former roomate Sharon – before we became roomates and subsequently eradicated our friendship. She had taken me there for my birthday. We went on the bus and she was reading "I Know This Much is True" by Wally Lamb, which she forgot at the restaurant when we left. That stupid book was much too large to be carted around on commutes, which I later found out when I read it. It’s funny the things you remember. Anyway, thinking of all that kind of bummed me out. I miss her.

The thing I like the most about the Mandarin is the sign in the Koi pond forbidding you to throw change in the water. It has a picture of a little Koi fish saying, "I hate all coin!" Poor little guy sure does have a lot of pennies in his pond though anyway.

We wandered around the buffet filling up our plates and finally I came upon the mussels. I decided this was a good time to test whether I was truly over my fear. I’m not sure what kind of mussels Suresh cooked us but these ones were from New Zealand and they were very large and very disgusting (they looked like vaginas). I wasn’t too impressed with the fact that I could spread them open and look inside. Although I steeled myself and ate them without gagging, I think this is a one step forward, two steps back scenario.

Later, we ate cake which helped me recover from eating the the tiny vaginas.

What do you think?

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