Songs of Winter

Today’s forecast: Snow squalls.

I just bought new shoes that I
am not yet ready to ruin by traipsing around in the salty snow. So I
began to hunt all over the house for my winter boots. "Where could
these stupid boots be?" I frantically wondered, as I was practically
taunting my train to leave without me. The boots were not in the
closet, the most logical place they would be, but then in our house
nothing is ever where it should logically be. For example, when my dad
came to hang our coatrack, the hammer should logically have been in the
toolbox. However, it was found near our computers in the basement.
Necessity forced me out of the house in my new shoes. Having to choose
between finding the boots and taking the subway and ruining new shoes
and travelling in the comfort of the GO train, the shoes are going to
fall in defeat every time.

Anyway, the boots are here in my closet at work. Now there is so damn fine logic for you.

What do you think?

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