Here are a few things I have recently forgotten:

  1. Fofo’s birthday;
  2. Theresa’s birthday;
  3. My 5 year anniversary;
  4. My annual physical; and
  5. You can’t eat before bloodwork.

I discovered I’d forgotten the physical when I came into my office and found a float sitting at my desk. Fortunately, my doctor is just downstairs from work so I played it off like I just wanted to drop my heavy coat and bags off at work before my appointment (haha!). Yes! I meant to come in!

I’m not sure how I forgot about the no eating before bloodwork rule given all the bloodwork I had last fall. On a regular day, I wouldn’t even eat anything until I got to work but as fate would have it this morning I was starving when I got to the train station. I literally felt like I would die if I did not eat!  So I ate a banana – and now I have to go back to the Doctor’s office tomorrow for my blood tests.  Nice!

Additionally I appear to have an "enlarged uterus". I did not know what that meant so my doctor explained that it usually indicates the presence of a fibroid tumour so I will have to have an ultrasound to be sure. She seemed rather nonchalant about the whole thing so I wasn’t worried much until I ran the Google search which told me that one of the "common problems" associated with fibroid tumours is infertility.  Ahhh. 

I won’t have any answers until the New Year after all the test results come back.

My doctor also noted that my weight was an issue. I’ve never seen someone get so excited to hear the words "Weight Watchers" in my life. Of course, I knew this in the back of my mind.  It’s just a little more painful, and a little harder to ignore when you’re doctor sits you down to talk about it.

What do you think?

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