I’m a Slave For You

I thought this day would never end – and not because anything that happened at work was overly taxing, just due to an overabundance of fun over the last two days, beginning with our firm holiday party at the Four Seasons last night.

I always kind of dread the office party because I always drink too much and it’s always on a Thursday.  Every year I tell myself I’m too old to have the dry heaves at 11:00 am in the office bathroom on a Friday, and every year I do anyway.  Fortunately, this year my [responsible] date, Trisha, decided we should skip the mix and mingle and get there right before dinner so I wouldn’t get too trashed nervous before we sat down.  I still feel like I’ve been through the wringer, maybe just from being up late and from all the cheering and laughing during the sumo wrestling matches.  The sumo matches themselves were hysterical but I also find something so funny that we held sumo wrestling matches AT THE FOUR SEASONS.  Our waiter was definitely pretty pissed about the whole thing and of course, we found that very funny as well (that may have been the alcohol).

If for no other reason, it is important to attend the office party in order to see the articling student skit so you know what everyone is going on about the next day.  Obviously, I can’t say too much about it in a public forum, however, I think it’s safe to say that my firm has the well-known nickname in the industry of "Slavies".  All I’m going to say is: Brittney Spear’s "I’m a Slave For You" + attractive, writhing females with our firm name spelled out on their asses.  Draw your own conclusions.

Then, today.  Our three-hour department Christmas lunch.  Pure Spirits.  Our department is small and insanely busy through most of the year.  We barely have time to catch our breath let alone break for a coffee and a chat like some of the other departments do.  Despite that, I think we manage a pretty good camaradarie generally but having that time to connect with each other on a personal level once or twice a year really makes a big difference.  It just makes it tough to turn it on when we get back to the office!

I told myself for these two special events that I would eat whatever I wanted and to hell with the Cult.  I didn’t really go too crazy, but I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a very slippery slope.  I’ll have to try to rein it in over the next couple days.  There are visions of lovely sugar-filled sodas dancing in my head.

What do you think?

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