September, 2004

Soo_sept2004We found another mystery roll of film and had it developed today.  It turned out to be a bunch of pictures from the trip I took to Sault Ste. Marie with my Mom, Grandma and my Aunt Mary last fall.  It’s a long drive, but it was even longer for us.  We must have stopped at every fucking Tim Horton’s between Parry Sound and the Soo.  I don’t know how many Tim Horton’s there actually are between those two points, but there are A LOT.  By the time we got there I was pretty homicidal.

But it was okay because we weren’t there for me.  We were there to visit my great aunt Olive, whom I hadn’t seen since I was a little girl.  I thought she was the greatest thing.  She would come to town and stay with my great grandparents.  She’d bring a treasure chest that I loved to look in, full of paints in tiny pots and she would paint beautiful pictures with oils.  As a kid, I’d get these nasty warts. One time, she told me she was a witch and that if she bought my wart it would go away. She gave me some money and I never had another wart – swear to God.

Aunt Olive passed away shortly after this picture was taken.  I am thankful I had that time to talk to her about painting.  At that time, I hadn’t yet begun painting but I was certainly inspired to try by those conversations.  It’s strange to look at this picture now and know I was pregnant – but had absolutely no idea.

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