Sunny with Scattered Showers

A very HIGH and LOW kind of day.  Knowing I was on vacation beginning tomorrow, I hauled ass to get a bunch of work off my desk.  I am SO MOTIVATED the day before a vacation, it’s ridiculous.  If I could maintain even half that motivation for three or four days before I wouldn’t feel the need to do the work of 10 people on the last day.  What can I say, I have always been a procrastinator.  I think I actually get some kind of sick satisfaction out of cranking it out at the bitter end.

I got some pretty heavy news over the lunch hour that tempered all the other joyful things that happened but I was glad to get it.  Even though it makes me very sad (and I can’t talk about it here in order to respect the privacy of others – which is certainly the downfall of keeping a personal blog over a paper journal), knowing means I can help a little, in whatever way I can, which for me is usually just listening because I never really know the right things to say to make somebody feel better.

But after lunch I  heard from my banker, Andrew, with the news that our consolidation had gone through and all the funds had been dispersed.  Basically this makes our life about a million times better.  Again, he stressed that the bank should have done all this for us when we got our mortgage over a year ago but I don’t feel like crying over spilled milk at this point.  I’m just so happy that things will be easier from now on.  I will be able to sleep soundly again. Home ownership will be something I think of with a smile instead of wanting to slash my wrists.  In other words, I have gotten my mental health back.  And after that my boss gave me a really lovely piece of art and a Pottery Barn gift certificate for  Christmas.  Right about now I feel like life is pretty much perfect.  Stable finances, a great boss, fantastic friends and family – you can’t really ask for much more.

Later we went for dinner at  my parent’s place, because they insisted I open a certain Christmas present before we go away.  I felt a little weird about opening it because my dad was at work.  He actually called from work to make sure that I really did open it.  To make a long story short, they catapulted me squarely into the current century by getting me a pretty little digital camera and a 512 MB memory card which Kev estimates will hold about 500 pictures.  (Gee, only 500 pictures? 🙂  I think secretly they just wanted me to stop borrowing their camera.  These are the first two pictures I took on my very own digital camera:



2 thoughts on “Sunny with Scattered Showers

  1. Now Leslie, you know perfectly well that we didn’t mind you borrowing our camera. We simply thought, since you like it so much, you should have one of your own. We aim to please. Love you…. :o*

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