Comfort and Joy

2005_dec_23_chloe2Nothings spells happiness like a pink elephant, a purple duck carcass and a stolen sandal.

I took today off work since I had a lot of things to accomplish before our trip.  I was imagining the house sparkling clean from top to bottom.  I ended up having to go downtown for a follow-up appointment with my doctor, and so I’m settling for cleanliness on the main floor (as in, the floor my dad will be seeing when he comes to look after our cats).

The good news is, my uterus is perfectly normal (yay!), however, I appear to have a slightly hypoactive thyroid (booooo!).  The doctor didn’t really come right out and say that. She said, "I want to take more blood to be sure but it is something we want to keep an eye on."  Well, I guess it sucks if I have that but family history suggested I might end up with it, so I’m not all that concerned.  Ummm … I guess?  I’m not sure.

Kevin and I decided to open our gifts tonight instead of hope for the best when we are crossing back into Canada with a kazillion things his family has given us for Christmas.  "No really Customs Guy!  We bought this stuff in Canada, took it to the States, and now we are bringing it back!  Serious!"  Kev gave me some pretty cool stuff including a teapot shaped like an elephant that I had been really, really (irrationally) dying for.  Earlier in the week he had tricked  me into thinking that he wasn’t going to buy anything off the list I gave him (which he asked for – I’m not that horrible).  So since I had to go downtown for my appointment today and was near the store where the elephant was I went in for another look at it.  I wasn’t really going to buy it (honest) but the manager of the store had to go and say, "We ordered 700 of these and this is one of the last two in the store!"  Well, let’s just say I didn’t feel I could take any chances. So if you’re reading this from the future, and I’ve given you an elephant teapot for your birthday or some other occassion you should know that when I first saw it in November, I really did think it would be the perfect gift for a number of my other close friends and even my mom and also my grandma but I selfishly intended to keep it for myself.  It was  fate that gave me two and if you got the other, I truly did believe that an elephant teapot would be the very thing for you and I didn’t give it to you just because I had two.

On the upside, I think he realized how much I really liked it.  I think he liked the stuff I gave him as well.  Now we’re drinking tea out of the elephant teapot. It’s a good little teapot.  Not all beauty and no function like some.  Kind of like us I guess.

What do you think?

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