Send Them In

True to form, we did not get on the road until about 11:30.  And that was even after we skipped getting an oil change. 

Our trip was mostly uneventful.  Chloe was a perfect model of canine behaviour.  She sat demurely in the back seat watching the scenery pass by and did not try to crawl into the front seat with us once.  We did not see anything that might be described as "traffic" until we crossed into New Jersey.  Apparently Jersey is where everyone was.

When you cross the border you are not supposed to wrap gifts because customs officials can search whatever they want/need to or feel like.  So whenever we come down here I always put our gifts in those stupid gift bags, which I hate.  Yea, they are pretty but I just don’t think the same satisfaction is had from taking tissue out of a bag as there is ripping the paper off a present.  Since we have never had any problems going through customs in all the many times we’ve crossed the border (most of the time they barely even look at our passports) I wrapped all the gifts and today we were selected for a "random" car search.  "Send ’em in," we heard over the radio and we had to pull the car into a garage and have a seat in a little waiting area.  If only I had used those stupid gift bags.

Chloe barked and growled at the two guys but by the time we left she was their best friend.  I’m sure she was just scared.  I know I was – those two guys looked like they could snap my neck in an instant.  The one guy asked us a bunch of questions about prescription drugs, if either of us were diabetic (so he would know about syringes) and what kind of stuff we were importing into the US.  Kev said we had gifts and the guy wanted to know what kind of gifts.  Kev hadn’t done any of the Christmas shopping and, out of fright, I was drawing a complete blank as to what I had bought.  Finally I mustered some stupid answer that seemed to satisfy him.  They turned out to be pretty fine guys in the end, they just looked really, really intimidating.  And they were nice enough not to unwrap any presents.

They searched everything including my purse which I later realized had a pair of underwear in it.  Underwear!  I’ll be thinking about that for a while.

Not long after that we saw about six deer grazing by the side of the road and two minutes later, four more grazing on the opposite side.   We tend to see a lot of deer dead on the road during the the long drive from Toronto to PA but never have we seen any just hanging out.  It was quite something to suddenly see ten just standing there.  Several hours later, just past Allentown, I chucked an apple core out the window and Kevin remarked, "Nice one Les.  You just killed the deer that comes looking for that apple." 

One year I dressed up as Santa Claus for the annual fall Fair parade in my hometown.  My parent’s idea was that I would pull a Christmas tree behind me in my wagon.  I refused to kill a tree and instead I made my dad DIG THE TREE up and plant it in a pot.  The wagon was so heavy someone had to walk behind me and push it for the whole parade.  Knowing this, you can be pretty sure that when I’m lying on my deathbed I’ll still be worrying about whether or not I killed a deer on Christmas Eve, 2005.

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