Boxing Day – Glenolden-Style

Today we rested.  Kevin and his Dad watched a 007 marathon and I sulked amused myself by drinking coffee, reading and playing Try to Get the Frisbee from the dog.  The dog likes her new fabric frisbee and it is, in fact, the only toy she got for Christmas that is still intact.

Later in the afternoon we went to the hospital to visit Uncle Tom who had to have emergency surgery last week and spend Christmas there.  They are a pretty neat family though.  You’d think they’d be all doom and gloom under the circumstances but there they were entertaining us and making us laugh. 

Then we hit Kohl’s to return some stuff we’d received that didn’t fit us.  Among other things, I got a cute sweater that doesn’t really look that good on me but I don’t care because it is so cute, some very nice Levi 515s I’ll be sad to let go when I shrink and some "goal pants" – a size smaller than my current size, and actually almost fit!  They don’t call it "Boxing Day" in the US like we do at home – but damn, those were some very fine Boxing Day sales.

What do you think?

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