Hold Onto Nothing as Fast as You Can

I’m not at all sad to see 2005 go.   I held myself back  in 2005, probably out of fear, and I’m ready to get on with life. It turned out that I’m not the type of woman who bounces right back from a miscarriage.  I admire those women, and I also worry for them.  Maybe I am a bit of a pussy.   But that’s fine.  It’s good to know that about myself.  I feel very different  which may also be partially attributed to my impending membership in Club 3-0, I don’t know.  2005 had a good share of downs but after all, it  was a pretty good year.

Favourite memories of 2005 (in no particular order):

  1. Chris and Jules’ wedding.  They danced their first dance to "In My Life" by the Beatles which I have always thought is the most beautiful expression of love and a perfect first dance.   The note Julie wrote to me melted my heart.
  2. V & V’s wedding.  Best dance by groom.  Ever.
  3. Getting three job offers in one day and a boss that fought (hard) to keep me.
  4. Funeral by Arcade Fire.
  5. Committing to consistent yoga practice.
  6. Chloe.
  7. Day trip into Centre City Philly with Kev.
  8. Canada Day camping.
  9. Play dates with Ingie.
  10. First trip to Awenda.

I’m also thinking of my badass friends, lunches with Debra, exploring Kensington and Cabbagetown with Lisa, the incredible way my parents know me exactly, becoming closer to my sister-in-law, healthy finances and that guy I live with – my best friend. I’m  learning.  I’m a lucky girl.

What do you think?

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