Women Who Blog

I picked up the January issue of Glamour because I wanted to read the "Women Who Blog" article.  Now, really, why I expected something well-written and thought provoking, you know, with insight, I’m not sure because after all, the magazine IS called GLAMOUR.  Not TIME or NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.  Although the article started out hopefully with a cool photo of Dooce and Chuck, I can only describe it as " horrifically disappointing" from there.

What I wanted from this article was something a little more real, written by someone, perhaps who had some actual awareness of the subject.  *I* can’t say concretely why I’m blogging, you see, and I wanted to know – really know – why other women were. 

Instead the author, Julie Klam, pulled out all the tired, uninformed (and, in my opinion, entirely offensive) cliches such as, "Are they self-absorbed exhibitionists?" and "Blogging, it seems, is the reality TV for the deskbound crowd."  I personally loved the paragraph where she states that most bloggers need to call her mom and tell her all the boring details of their lives, because the most minute details of our lives are much too boring to be read.  Listen sweetie, do you think your mom really wants to hear all that boring shit you’re forcing her to listen to?  Maybe you should consider a blog.  I’m NOT an exhibitionist (although she may have me at "self-absorbed") and I’m certainly not "desk bound" nor are any of the other bloggers I read.

I want to remember things.  BIG things and little things.  Weeks and years just blur together if I don’t keep track.  A paper journal doesn’t work for me.  I won’t write in it, I’ve tried.  Because of my job, I simply type faster than I write long-hand.  If that’s so, then why not simply keep this diary in a document on my hard drive?  The answer goes all the way back to grade 12 Enriched English with Mr. Hall.  He made us keep journals, which later he would read and grade.  It didn’t matter what we wrote in there – Anything! – so long as were writing something every day.  I just try a little harder to write well if someone might be reading it.  I used to be a writer and now I’m not.  A little part of me also thought if I started with this diary, following Mr. Hall’s theory, that I might be inspired to more.   

That good old adage ”consider the source" fits well here.  This is, after all, the very same issue that gave the modern woman these two helpful  little gems:

  • On changing your hairstyle: DO get an unbiased opinion. Ask your drycleaner if they think you’d look better red [emphasis added]; and
  • Hey, it’s okay if you actually don’t love shoes that much.  You can still be a woman without the footwear fetish.

Ladies, make a note of those.  And while you’re at it, remember, if you’re employer grabs your ass, that is surely his expression of appreciation for your job well-done.   Thanks Glamour for setting the Women’s Movement back a few hundred years.

What do you think?

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