Additionally:  Weigh-In, Week Three  (really week SIX but if the program shut down for two weeks over Christmas and then I had to work through my lunch last week, missing another week, do those three weeks really count?!  Not according to WW, because my leader wrote in the Week Three spot in my tracker, so Week Three it is suckers!)

So I’m getting  in the elevator yesterday returning to work after my Cult meeting and this well dressed  man, probably in his late 50s gets in with me.  I perceive him to be well-mannered as he lets me in the elevator ahead of him.  He has a bag of Burger King in his hand.  No big deal. 

The elevator stops a few floors up and three other equally well dressed but younger (late 30s) men get in the elevator.  By the chummy way they greet the older guy, with punches in the shoulders and so forth, I gather that they  work at the same company.  Some vapid, yet high-volumed conversation ensues.  At this point, one of the younger men rips the bag of Burger King out of the older guy’s hand and literally pounds  it in to the elevator wall about 5 times obliterating the contents.  Ha ha ha!  Oh how very funny and charming!  No wait!  Let me get your number so I can pass it around to all my single girlfriends!

The older guy makes a half-hearted attempt at a chuckle, and says, "That was for [my assistant] Linda.  She worked through her lunch.  I’ll let you deliver that to her and then you can go back downstairs and get her something to eat."

Very nice Dumb Fuck!  Good one!

And in case you were wondering (I know you were!), I lost .2 of a pound in the last three weeks.  But it was down, and it was Christmas so I’m okay with that.  God damn it, Christmas only comes once a year.

What do you think?

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