Victory Is Mine!

I didn’t even bother writing about my weigh-in last week because I was so disgusted with it.  Despite reasonably good efforts I had only lost .4 of a pound.  That made a disappointing loss of .6 for two weeks.  It just felt like such a huge waste.  I know I’m not supposed to be in this for the instant gratification, that I am doing this for my health but I really felt frustrated.

On Sunday I slipped into the "goal coat" that I bought when we were in Pennsylvania to remind myself why I’m on this journey.  The concept of a goal coat is, I know, ridiculous and superficial.  (In my defence, the Bowman women refused to leave the store until I made the purchase.  I swear!)  But sometimes losing weight for the simple sake of being healthy is not enough.  If it takes wanting to wear a bright yellow coat to stay focussed, then fine.  In actual fact the coat does fit.  If "fit" is defined simply as the ability to fasten the closures, that is.  Feeling comfortable in it is another matter.

I blundered through the week, not making particularly good food choices.  I wondered why I bothered trying the coat on last Sunday at all.  But I did put in an effort to do two things my leader suggested: I drank more water and I drank more milk.

The first thing I noticed was that my boring, black everyday winter coat was no longer bursting at the seams the way it had been in December.  I then tried on my Grandma’s vintage Hudson’s Bay coat with the cool embroidery [which I had gotten too fat to wear].  It fit!  Then the ultimate test.  I tried on some smaller pants.  And they fit! 

I felt as though everything had really started to come together this week but as I approached the scale this afternoon I expected no better than a small percent of a pound loss.  I was prepared for the worst but the scale gave up some good news: Down 2.2 to put me firmly over a 10 pound loss. 

A pretty yellow coat is motivating, but nothing is as motivating as success!

What do you think?

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