Week 9

Well here we are at the week nine weigh-in and despite the scale slipping in the wrong direction (up .8) I’m not that unhappy.  I wasn’t exactly a model of good eating habits during our vacation to Niagara – but that Denny’s, all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, pizza, Coca-Cola and Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs sure was good.  I regained some measure of control on Monday when I went back to work but there’s only so much damage one can repair in three days.

I might be more upset if it weren’t for the fact that I am still buoyed by three notable events from this morning:

  1. Somebody asked me for dieting tips(!).
  2. My counterpart in the department said, "I like your new pants – a size smaller?"
  3. And (my favourite):  A co-worker greeted me by saying, "Hey Slim!"

It feels good.  After all, this is the same workplace where I was told by a co-worker, after getting a really cute flippy haircut, "Don’t worry.  It will grow back." 

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