Reflecting Upon 5 Years

Besides turning thirty, I also happen to be approaching my five year anniversary this year at my job.  5 YEARS.  At the same job, the sort that you never really plan to do for five years, let alone your whole life.  A good friend, who finds herself in a similar situation, sent me this one-line email today and it summed things up perfectly:

What are we doing?  I mean really.  WHAT ARE WE DOING???? 
Come on.

Seriously, I thought, WTF ARE we doing?  I replied:

I don’t know dude.  I DON’T KNOW 😦  Jesus, how old do we have to be before we figure out what we want to do!  Speaking for myself, I’m thinking I’ll probably figure it out around age 80 then I’ll drop dead from the shock of it.

Are there really people out there who know what they’re doing?  Wait, there’s actually no need to answer that.  I don’t think I want to know.

What do you think?

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