If I can’t believe in the solar system, what’s left to believe in?

In grade four I studied the solar system and I went full-out with the subject.  There was model and diorama building and endless drawings of my two favourite planets Jupiter and Saturn. 

Well, today I learned you can’t always rely on your fourth grade education.  I read an article this morning in which I discovered that there are eleven planets in the solar system, not nine.  Sedna, discovered in 2004 and Xena, discovered in 2005, being the tenth and eleventh planets.

Although there still seems to be some debate among astronomers regarding whether Sedna and Xena are, in fact, "true" planets (even Pluto’s status as a planet is still disputed), I can’t help feeling like all of my core beliefs have gotten a sudden shake-up.

What do you think?

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