Celebrating the progress made to advance equality for women

I was scheduled to have some Excel training over my lunch hour today.  For some reason, this particular workshop has been made mandatory for all assistants, which I was so thrilled about because I use Excel about once every six months.  And when I say "use" I mean, I open up an email attachment and print it out.  Then I read it. 

Anyway, I didn’t really mind because free lunch is always served at lunch workshops.  Most people don’t go for the lunch hour workshops because they prefer to have 1-2 hours firm-sponsored time away from their desks.  I can respect that but, frankly, I respect a free lunch more.

It never fails, the day you sign up for a workshop all your favourite peeps ask you if you have lunch plans.  What is up with that?  Even my boss came in, leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Do you have lunch plans?"

After a few minutes of enduring my moaning about how I had to go to training she held up her hand and said, "Well, you can go to the training if you want to.  But I’d really like you to work through lunch. *wink*"

So in honour of International Women’s Day, I played hooky from class and ate a delicious lunch at an Indian buffet with my boss and two other hip chicks from my department.  We didn’t talk about girl-power, but we were together, on this day, for this reason, and that is beautiful.

What do you think?

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