Our Olympic Spirit Shall Never Die

Yesterday started to slide in a strange direction when our play date with Shiraz and his human fell through due to an unforseen run-in with a skunk and ended with three twenty-dollar bills covertly being slipped into my hand bribery-style.

My cousin Murray has moved me and all my possessions three times and I’ve never done a thing for him so when he called to ask if we could come over and watch the kids for a few hours there was really no appropriate response besides, "No problem."

Two of the kids were already asleep when we got there and the third child conked out shortly after some intensive X-Box action with Kevin.  Right around the same time that Kevin conked out in fact.  I was just falling into a boredom-induced coma myself when the kid from downstairs appeared crying his eyes out.

I felt really, really bad.  I couldn’t really understand what he was saying because he was so upset and it took about five minutes for it to even occur to me to get a tissue for him.  All he wanted to do was talk to his dad so we called his cell but because of the noise at the bar he couldn’t hear it ringing and didn’t answer.  I felt sure he’d had a bad dream so I asked if he wanted to stay upstairs with us but he said, no he just wanted to go back downstairs.  Translation: You are clearly useless as an adult.  It is, in fact, better to be upset and alone than with you.  I don’t know who felt worse, me or him.

When the guys got home, Mika, the little guy’s dad, palmed me sixy bucks.  I felt really ridiculous getting paid because hello we’re just doing a favour!  It’s fine!  And aren’t we a bit old to be getting babysitting money?  But just try saying no to a gigantic Finn named Mika.  Built like a brick shithouse, as my grandmother would say.

This afternoon we embarked on a journey to the closest big-box electronics store to relieve ourselves of the three bills burning a giant hole in our collective pocket.  We got UFile for our taxes (responsible) and, because the Olympic spirit is still burning deep within our little souls, Torino 2006 for X-box (irresponsible).  It balances out rather nicely I think.

What do you think?

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