Rich! Radiant! Colour!

Ingrid told me some time ago that Chantal Kreviazuk was going to be the new face of Garnier Nutrisse hair colour.  At the time I thought, "Hey that’s okay, maybe she will bring a little of her quirky, individual style to the soulless corporate monster" and then I proceeded not to think of it again – until this morning.

A little part of me died as I watched her first commercial for Garnier Nutrisse.  I can’t reconcile the Chantal in the commercial with the Chantal whose songs (especially those from Under These Rocks and Stones) are inextricably linked with very rough but important parts of my life.  Garnier destroyed what was beautiful about her, which was that she’s different, and turned her into a hair twirling, prancing twit and I find it really unbearable.  And maybe it’s not fair of me to judge – I don’t know her, but it just felt so false and so very wrong.  Hey, and good for her too you know, for cashing in.  I certainly know what it’s like to sell my soul to the devil.

Formerly, Sarah Jessica Parker endorsed Garnier Nutrisse.  I love her!  Her ads didn’t bother me, though perhaps it is because I was already used to SJP whoring it up cross-media for other corporate giants such as Gap.  The mold that Garnier is using works for SJP because it’s the image she already portrays whereas Chantal Kreviazuk is a creative musician, you know, with a cool style, but not flashy – more Everyday Girl, and it seems sad to lose that girl.

you’re clean and i’m so ignorant
i’m basic and i’m jaded
and my excuses are so lame
this is the way god made me

– Chantal Kreviazuk

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