Some days you are happy to be alive

ShootsThis morning, although it was colder than the last several days, it felt right to make an action in the garden.  I pulled back the blanket of leaves in the garden where the tiger lilies grow and exposed their pale, fresh green shoots to the morning sun, the smell of disturbed earth warm and perfect after the season of dormancy.

Later, stirring cream and sugar into my coffee, I said hello to Rowley, a Starbucks employee who had been conspicously absent for many months.  I had not thought much of his absence, simply assuming he had moved on to other things.  "It’s nice to see you back," I said, and he replied, "I had testicular cancer, but I’m alive!"  I thought of the difference he makes in my life, the difference he must make in the lives of hundreds of people – every day – his smile and compassion sending us on our way to our work days.  I felt a chill go through me.

When Leeanne made me laugh before I even got to work, I thought, "This day is now complete and I am grateful for so much beauty in my life."

What do you think?

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