Finally, fat is good for something

It turns out there is something more horrifying than finding a nude lady in ones first drawing class and that is finding a nude man in ones second class. I realized tonight that maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge the teacher about his "shapes" comment last week.  Fat is way easier to render than muscle.  A very beautiful man is really much harder to draw and not only because his pee-pee was hanging out.

I’m still working out my thoughts about this class, about the teacher and to a lesser extent the other students.  The teacher seems harder on me than on other people who are producing scribbles.  I don’t say this because my drawings are awesome because they’re not.  They stink.  But I looked around at the break and with few exceptions all the work was as bad as mine or worse.  So am I being over sensitive when the instructor prefaces a comment on my drawing with, "I don’t want to make a big deal out of this" and then proceeds to make a big deal out of it? 

The big deal was over the fact that I had drawn the angle of model’s back a bit straighter than his pose.  This was during the last pose of the night, a twenty-five minute stretch.  At about the five minute mark the instructor came around to check our outlines and at that time told me that my outline was working good and the proportion was pretty good so I proceeded to start filling in the details.  Then, at the 20 minute mark with only five to go, he "doesn’t want to make a big deal out of this, but this line is all wrong".  Okay, you know what?  I’ll change the angle on this guy’s back when that girl draws something that resembles a body! 

So I have learned that being a great artist doesn’t necessarily equal being a great communicator.

I am frustrated, but I realize this will all be beneficial to me in the long-run, whether or not I dislike the instructor or if the class was misrepresented. Grist for the mill I guess.

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