Artists are bold.  I noticed a woman surreptiously drawing me before class started.  It felt weird, but not nearly as traumatic as when Sai takes my picture.  Perhaps if I can find the common links between being drawn and having my photo taken I can stop acting like such a freak-show when Sai and his camera are around.  Anyway, here is a portion of one of the better sketches from tonight:


2 thoughts on “Drawn

  1. ok, hold on….did you sign up for a NUDE drawing class?? NUDES ONLY???
    I just knew you were as perverted as I am…

  2. Okay here is the thing: There were two drawing classes to choose from. Drawing, All Levels or Beginner Figure Drawing & Painting. I just assumed that figure drawing was figure drawing and that therefore, “drawing” would be drawing other things. Surprise! We’re doing portraits this week, which sounds like a fate worse than death.

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