Light, God, Blue

In keeping with the theme that seems to be developing this month of finding new streets to walk around on at lunch, I strolled across Temperance Street where I saw the words Light God Blue written on a building in chalk.  If I hadn’t walked across Temperance Street I wouldn’t have this to think about for the rest of the afternoon.

Then I sat around in Cloud Garden for awhile again, without even bothering to go through the pretense of reading, because it was just so great not to be in an office building stagnating.  I actually saw two ladies from my work there today which annoyed me more than was strictly necessary.

Eventually, I sauntered back to my tower but not before getting a sunburn on my face (I know, it’s a little early in the season for that, but I am pale).  For some reason I used a revolving door that I rarely ever use and no joke, I was spinning around in the door with Margaret Atwood

6 thoughts on “Light, God, Blue

  1. I know! It was so weird and random. I might have managed to stammer out something like, “Uhhh I like your work” if we weren’t both in the door at the same time (thinking about it now, I could have gone all the way around and came back out on the street with her, but I was all, “oh jeez I have to get back to my desk and be a good employee”) and then she would have said, “Of course you do, I’m Margaret f*%$ing Atwood!”

  2. Dear Clover,
    I am very sorry I deleted your earlier comment, I thought it was some kinda spam.
    Thanks for the nice comment about my paintings – it’s really lovely to hear from a real artist like your daddy.
    Evan! What the hell?!

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