Side x Side

Yesterday, Theresa wrote about getting a second computer so she and her husband could fully embrace their geekhood and sit side-by-side while surfing.  I think that is just great – suddenly my house seems a little more normal.  Though our matching desks could be considered overkill.

Many people have asked over the years why in God’s name do we need two computers anyway?  Are you kidding me?  We met on a frigging MUD!

[If you happen to have been on the receiving end of our widely circulated how-we-met story, the one where I was on vacation in Philly and met Kevin at the house of our common friends, that is also true.  That is where we met in person. You got that story only because you appeared to us five years ago to have a lower comfort level with the internet or we couldn’t read well enough what your reaction to the scary internet part might be.  And we think it makes us sound less profoundly nerdy.  Mostly the nerdy part.]

2 thoughts on “Side x Side

  1. Lol! Just like Steph’s, ‘we met at bowling’ story… we all know they met on the BBS, but hey, whatever makes them happy 😉
    I truly feel nerdy – but seriously, it was needed. One computer for two serious internet’ers just isn’t enough.

  2. oh, and apparently Hamilton was recently rated 7th in the top 10 best towns in Ontario to live…
    That’s not encouragement to move – just stating a fact 😉

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