Let me get some action from the back section

Yesterday, we took a very long drive to Hamilton.  Normal people wouldn’t have done this with the Gardiner Expressway closed for construction but we are both stubborn and insane.   I don’t have a lot to say about our reconnaissance mission.  I guess I knew Hamilton was farther than Oakville but I still experienced a sense of panic anyway as we drove by the Oakville assembly plant and I fully got the reality of this proposal.  I know people that commute to work from Oakville and I consider them to be certifiably nuts.  I’m going past Oakville.  Fucking awesome.  So, just for the record, I think this is ridiculous, moving out of the city and going against something I’ve defined myself by ever since my family moved to Toronto in 1992. 

We had a list of houses we found on MLS.  We didn’t want to view the houses and fall in love with anything before we’re ready to buy so we just drove around and found them to get an idea about different neighbourhoods.  The really cheapo houses were in sort of sketchy neighbourhoods.  I’m not totally against sketchy neighbourhoods to be honest – in five or ten years the area could be completely gentrified and then you can pat yourself on the back for being such a forward-thinking genius.  More likely, it’s the kind of sketchy I’m not comfortable living in until the gentrification happens – yards backing onto industrial lots, vacant buildings, broken windows.  Too scary when the sun goes down.  It was good though, we know where our borders lie if and when we seriously start looking. We know we likely have to revise our price expectations.  We know it probably makes sense to consider some of the other towns around too: Dundas, Burlington, god forbid, even … Oakville. 

Before we headed home we went for a walk near the waterfront and I had to admit it was really pretty.  It wasn’t hard to imagine spring bike rides there.  I wanted to find something horrible in Hamilton that would allow me to pull this whole idea off the table but I didn’t find it at all.  So.

What do you think?

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