Caramel Corn & Pretzels

I heard today that our event on Friday was a smashing success and the restaurant graciously let everyone hung around well after the specified end time.  I suppose that makes it worth the eye-twitching, migraines and butterflies.  I hate event planning.   

Two out of control weeks out of fifty two should feel better than this time last year, when I was plotting my escape and my eye twitched wildly every day.  It doesn’t really though.

After I finished restoring order to our stuff at the hotel conference room I was to go back to the event and have some drinks with my department.  The CLE panels had gone way over-time though. I just wanted to go home  – that is is not my world anyway.  So I struck out along King and some random guy hit on me, right there on the street (it took me a minute to figure out what was happening).  I must have looked like a woman of some concern in my high heels, freshly red hair, bulging accordion folder in hand.  I was, after all, the only person who knew it was full of caramel corn and pretzels.

What do you think?

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