Currently Obsessing

Just look at this cute house!  Attic!  New windows!  Refinished hardwood floors [that Chloe will annihilate in 2 months]!  Walking distance to downtown [albeit downtown Hamilton]!  Kevin said I could keep it if I agree to paint the exterior.  I said, "Obviously" but I actually like Trisha’s idea better:

"I would totally leave it pink and you’d never have to give anyone your address – just tell them to look for the big pink house!"


2 thoughts on “Currently Obsessing

  1. wow… I just did a search on MLS and found it on the first try! I’ve always wanted an attic room… think of what an incredible studio that would make!
    And you could probably by three houses for what you’d see yours for!
    It makes me want to rethink my stance of living within walking distance to the house I grew up in…

  2. I know what you mean, now you see how this escalated from a joke into reality! Did you see the price!!! I’ve always wanted an attic too – and it seems like every other house in Hamilton has an attic space T!

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