In Conversation

Sunny D on the Flyers tragic performance in Game 6 against the Sabres:

I know…sports can be heartbreaking sometimes Leslie. I should have warned you before you got so into it.

Lisa on my potential future job change:

Let me tell you, you will LOVE academia – I think there are maybe 10 A-types on the entire campus, and they’re all found at the Law and Management departments. True, clueless academics will drive you bats (both faculty and the student body) but at least that allows you to feel superior to people who hold PhDs.

Leeanne today on an earlier post in which I had made an unfortunate typo:

You must tell me more about the story where you were walking along the street and some guy HIT you!

Exchange yesterday with my cousin Mackenzie (age 3):

Me: You’re cute.
Mackenzie: You’re the cutest!

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