Washing Powder

A co-worker sent me an email this morning.  In the body of the email she had written, "Apropos of something you once mentioned" and attached was an mpeg file.  I don’t usually receive email from this particular co-worker, or even engage in conversation with her so it was unusual.  Anyway, I was bored so I opened it.

The movie was an Italian commercial and even if we had speakers on our computers at work (I know, it’s sad isn’t it?) I wouldn’t have been able to understand it anyway, so whatever message this woman intended me to have I should be able to glean from the images alone.  In the commercial, a skinny white guy in his underwear walks into the laundry room where an attractive woman (wife, girlfriend?) is waiting.  She shoves him into the washing machine and sits on top to ensure he can’t get out.  This goes on for few minutes as the skinny white guy agitates, then she opens the lid and a hot black guy emerges.

Hey, I’d like to find a hot black guy in my laundry just as much as the next girl, but what I ever could have possibly said to a woman 20 or so years my senior that this video would be "apropos" to is completely out of my realm of comprehension.  I could just ask her but I’m afraid I’d really be creeped out then.

What do you think?

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