All in together girls

How do you know when your brakes are bad?  I think it’s when your dad shows up on your doorstep with with new pads and rotors and says, "Murray’s fixing your brakes tonight." 

So Murray and Mika and my dad hung around and talked car stuff, fixed my front brakes and did other manly things and I was left to do girly things with the kids.  Oh well, I guess I AM a girl.  But I will be damned if I will play hide and seek!  Taylor is into skipping right now and wanted to know all my "cool rhymes".  Unfortunately, I could not remember any* so she sang hers, something about Cinderella and a bunch of doctors?  Wtf?  In my day …

I had to make up some friggen bullshit about why we couldn’t walk through a creepy wooded area and go look at an abandoned house.  Actually, it wasn’t really bullshit, the place was totally scary.  That’s when Mackenzie told me that there used to be a sign there that said, "You’re Allowed To Go In" but somebody must have came and stolen it.  Mmm hmmm. 

Five gold stars for creativity!  I employed one of my grandmother’s sayings, "Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck?"

We played at the park for a bit and when we got back to my cousin’s place, not only were my brakes fixed, they had washed my car!  Those guys are such total studs. 

* This is where I appeal to you to send some to me!

2 thoughts on “All in together girls

  1. The only rhyme I remember is some insipid thing involving rainbows and dollies and jolly friends.
    I kind of sucked at jumping rope, but I just now realized that if the rhymes had been less crappy I might have been more motivated.

  2. I was better at Double Dutch than regular skipping for some reason. I remember having a passable rhyme for it but nothing of seen via my internet searches have seems even vaguely familar. What I’ve found is, as you said, really crappy. I think it’s time to introduce my little cousins to the hula hoop.

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