We Lost Our Way

I passed someone today I think, though can’t say with certainty, was my former roomate and I felt very sad for all that has been lost.  Wish I’d had the courage to find out for sure.

Don’t think it’s likely you’ll ever find this note SS, and I don’t know where to find you.  And if I did, I don’t think you probably want to be found by me anyway. Things didn’t go the way we planned – at all.  Even so, I miss you very much.

Sometimes we said we felt hollow.  I don’t feel hollow anymore but there is a crevice, where it seems we should still be.  I guess it will always be there.  At least as long as I walk around transforming strangers into apparitions of you.  Hope you can remember something good.  I hope you don’t feel hollow anymore.

Cognizably concealed.


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