Canada Day Weekend

Had no plans this Canada Day weekend.  I would have liked to have been camping like last year but I have to remind myself why we weren’t – the parks are really crowded and it’s impossible to get a canoe on the long weekends.  Would have been a great weekend for swimming but I can wait another couple of weeks until our trip rolls around. I guess.

It was actually great to have no plans.  Saturday I wasn’t well so I stayed in the cool basement and watched Water while Kevin went to a baseball game. 

Yesterday I was planning to go to the bubble battle downtown but instead I went to the third and final game of the Phillies v. Jays series with Husbando.  It seems a little hardcore that he had tickets to all the games but Philadelphia plays in Toronto, approximately never, due to the fact that they’re in a different leagues.  I enjoyed watching Sal Fasano do yoga disguised as baseball stretches before the game (I particularly enjoyed his rendition of the prayer squat as I have some difficulty keeping my heels flat in this posture).  He stretched right in front of us and I was momentarily sad that I didn’t think to make a "Sal’s Pals" sign until I recalled that I don’t really care very much about baseball.  This was the only game of the series that the Phillies won and the only game I attended.  Clearly, I am a quiet, yet powerful force for the Phillies.  After that we went to a pub for dinner and then we saw a movie.

Today was low key.  We worked on clearing out some clutter and Kevin made some major progess on his packratitis by putting a bunch of old clothes in the donation bag.  Slowly, slowly we’re getting the place ready to list.  As it improves, I wonder if we’ll want to stay.

What do you think?

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