Fathers and Daughters

A woman told me this morning, verging on tears, about how her father is going senile and lives far away.  In Trinidad actually, the distance increasing the worry and stress by a thousand times.  He forgets what day it is, forgets to eat or take his medication.  He forgets his daughter lives in Canada and says to her on the phone, "Are you coming over to see me after work?" 

Her heart is obviously breaking.  It’s been in the back of my mind since my uncle died, but hearing her story – It made me very sad to think that this might happen to my dad someday.  I thought of the time a few years ago, while visiting a relative in a retirement home, my dad said, "If this ever happens to me, I want you to push me down the stairs!" 

And also it made me think of all the little things my dad does for me that make him so special.  Like how he used to make an extra hole in my watchband so it wouldn’t slide around my wrist or how last summer he hung a pretty red hummingbird feeder in my back yard so it would be there when I came home from camping.  Who else would know how much I love hummingbirds?

What do you think?

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