I’ve been admiring some of these "painting a day" blogs lately.  In light of some of the other things I can’t manage to do every day (like wash the dishes, care about my appearance or get to work on time), I can’t imagine finishing a painting every day. Not even a tiny 5 x 7, the preferred format of daily painters. I appreciate the diligence of these people, their committment to improving their painting. 

Lack of practice is certainly the root of most of my frustration yet my – very constructive – approach to improvement is to sit around bitching and moaning about it. 

Maybe a painting a week?  Add it to the list of things to do – after I move. (Have I mentioned how much I fucking hate moving?)

One thought on “Diligence

  1. Fuck moving. Seriously.
    Not too long ago, I decided to try to post a drawing a day. That lasted two days. Then I thought I’d do a comic a week. That lasted zero weeks. So maybe next month…

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