Can of Worms

So my Dad showed up tonight with my cousin (a plumber) in tow to install the new bathroom vanity, just one of the many little things that have to be fixed or upgraded before we’d even think of listing the house – but the old shitty chipped one was just fine for us!  It kills me, it really kills me.

I hadn’t thought changing out one vanity for another would be that big of a deal, but I’d had an inkling this morning while emptying out the old one, that it was going to be.  Close inspection revealed that the wall tile that lives in our bathroom did not in fact go all the way to the floor.  Nope, just drywall back there behind the vanity.  Problem #1.

This is just like the time we ripped out the upstairs carpet with the hope we could simply sand and refinish the existing hardwood and found that the hallway was constructed out of some weird cardboard-like material.  No, no!  Not hardwood!  Not even chipboard!  Heavy grade cardboard, with an ASTM number stamped on it.  It can barely support the weight of a single human being, but at least we know it’s fire-retardant!

Anyway, the vanity.  In a nutshell, the wall tile wasn’t finished behind the old vanity and neither was the floor tile.  These cheap motherfucking bastards simply tiled the floor up to the edge of the vanity and called it a day.  Problem #2.  Now I have this:


Oh yes, that is some pretty heinous tile underneath the newer stuff (which I’d thought that was kind of ugly until those babies were revealed).  So I now have some tiling to do.  It could have been a lot worse though I guess.  And as bad as this looks right now, it’s not even half as ugly as it looked before.  We finally make some progress.

3 thoughts on “Can of Worms

  1. Even the dog is perplexed by the hideousness!
    We have flooring like that in our kitchen and living room, except it has the added benefit of being stamped with fussy, ugly little flower designs that bear literally decades of trampled-in grime.

  2. I went in to take a picture and I found her there, just staring at it!
    Dear God, I’m so sorry you have the little flowers on the floor. That’s what’s on these walls and everytime I see it I want to scratch my eyeballs out.

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