Work Ethic

Our flight home from Philly was delayed over two hours because another plane had to make an emergency landing on one runway thus forcing all the departing flights onto the remaining runway and backing things up.  I tried to be patient because yeah, maybe I was sitting in an uncomfortable seat on the tarmac, but at least I wasn’t jumping out an escape hatch or wondering if I was going to survive like the people on that plane.   Actually, I’ve no idea if the people did either of those things as I haven’t been able to find a news article about it even though I’ve been obsessively googling the topic all day.  It’s just difficult sitting on a plane knowing someone is waiting for you at the airport at the other end with no clue what’s going on.  Eventually, about one and a half hours after we pushed back from the gate, we were allowed to use our cell phones to make calls.  So, mad props to my Dad for sticking around at Pearson for hours until we finally arrived, to my Father-in-Law for driving to PHL twice (once to drop us off and once to bring my digital camera) and to Kev for keeping it cool while I threw a temper tantrum because I forgot my camera in the car.  I mean, GOD FORBID I use a film camera for a few months until we see our US family again.

It was very late by the time we were processed through customs, got our bags and picked up our child dog from my Mom and Dad.  Around 2:30 am I think is when I finally managed to go to sleep.  I was a zombie this morning (but, for a change, it was from sleep deprivation) so when I got to work I spread a bunch of papers and crap all over my desk and people thought I was really busy and left me alone. That left me to spend the day listening to my James Blunt CD about 15 times (I considered changing it but was too lazy) while covertly wearing my new Croc sandals (can’t find em in TO, though admittedly I did not look particularly hard) under my desk.  I used to have a work ethic!

What do you think?

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