Thanks for all your hard work!

I swore to myself when I started keeping this blog that I wouldn’t turn it into a forum for moaning about work, that if I mentioned it at all it would be only be in passing, a way to get to another point.  Before I was medicated I had one major thought, "I’M SO TIRED!"  Little did I know there was another thought eagrely waiting in the wings for its chance to shine.  That thought is, "I hate my job, I hate my job and in other news, I fucking hate my job."   

A little glimmer of excitement still existed however.  "My five-year anniversary is coming up at this stupid place," I thought to myself, "at least I’ll get a present."  The firm sends you a link to an online catalogue of the gifts you can choose from.  Some of the offerings: clock radio, an engraved pen, a coffee machine, a mantle clock.  Why not just give me a t-shirt that says, "I worked at [firm logo] for five years and all I got was this lousy coffee maker!"  Okay, okay, I should be grateful I’m getting anything right?!  But do you know what they give out for five year anniversaries at my husband’s firm?  iPods!!!

Sure, if the coffee maker was a Kitchenaid I might be impressed.  It’s not though.  It is a Sunbeam.  Did you know that on its website Sunbeam does not even currently list coffee makers as one of it’s products?  If I were feeling more energetic I would draw some kind of comparison here between the extinct product and my value as an employee.  I think you get the idea anyway.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for all your hard work!

  1. I think I have a Sunbeam coffee maker… don’t get the coffee maker…
    My work gives photographic prints for your five year anniversary, which seems kind of cool, but then, we are a photography company…

  2. I got a rather nice leather business-card holder for the business cards they refused to give us because they said they cost too much, even though we have an in-house print shop. I complained so much that everyone now automatically gets business cards for their five-year anniversary. I’m like the Norma Rae of lame office perks.

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